When you write an article in WordPress, by default it creates a ‘Permalink’ which has all the words you have mentioned in the blog post title along with a ‘-’ between all the words. This is called a “post slug”. In simple terms, the slug is part of the URL that comes after your domain name.

You can understand this better when you see the following:

Post Title – How to Manually Upload and Install a Plugin From Your WordPress Dashboard
Post Slug – http://curiouslittleperson.com/how-to-manually-upload-and-install-a-plugin-from-your-wordpress-dashboard/

Here “how-to-manually-upload-and-install-a-plugin-from-your-wordpress-dashboard” is the post slug

By default, WordPress will make the slug exactly as your post title is, which is not really helpful from an SEO point of view. In the above example, it makes the URL long with irrelevant keywords like to, and, a, from & your making ranking for the post very difficult.

You can use Clean SEO Slugs WordPress plugin to help optimize your post title to rank better

The Clean SEO slugs WordPress plugin strips out the common words in the slug that have useless duplication when it comes to Google Indexing and automatically removes the useless common words when you click on “Publish” Button

The best part about the Clean SEO slugs WordPress plugin is that you just install it and works by stripping out the common words when your post title is typed the next time. It does not change the slugs of your earlier posts, as you could end up with 404 pages.  There are no options to this plugin and virtually no overhead on your server as it works only to set the slug.

You can download the Clean SEO slugs WordPress plugin from here