Most of the people out there blog to make money or express themselves, but  many bloggers lack a defined purpose. Sure they’re blogging to make money, but that is way too vague. Every blog or website you launch should have a specific goal and purpose. So many people trying to make money rush and launch a blog, but in their excitement to make money, they don’t stop to consider the detailed goal. They start out with publishing articles 3 to 5 times a week, but after a few months they realize they’re going no where.

Like everything else in this world, you need to have a focus for every blog. Do not purchase a domain or launch a site without having a reason. The reason needs to be more than “for money”. For example, the reason could be “this blog is going to be a small 10 post niche blog that promotes Adsense contextual ads for the keywords X, Y, and Z”. This will change the entire process.

For that type of blog, the focus needs to be 100% on search engine traffic, not social. Second, the site need not answer the question, because you want them to visit the ad for the answer. You need to set up the site in a way that improves CTR; this means no 125 ad blocks, this means you should get the basic white background, blue links, black text colors or go with the dark background, dark text, and bright links colors. Each type of blog defines setup, content, theme, promotion, and monetization.

You need to have a focus or the task quickly become difficult and feels like a boulder on your head. Lets say you find a keyword, do not instantly rush out and buy the domain, launch it, and start pumping out content. Before you ever start your site, you should know: all the major keywords, how difficult each one is, know your competition, determine what you’ll need to do to promote it, and estimate a time frame. Then you need to consider how you’re going to monetize it and deal with all that stuff. Get all your facts right and information in order before you start out.

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