A DoFollow link is one that does not follow the NoFollow Attribute. Nofollow provides a way for webmasters to tell search engines “Don’t follow links on this page” or “Don’t follow this specific link.” and does not transfer PageRank or anchor textacross these links.

By default, all WordPress blogs automatically assigns the nofollow attribute to all user-submitted links (comment data, commenter URL, etc).

What is a DoFollow Blog

A Dofollow blog is one that does not follow the default WordPress nofollow attribute, follows user submitted links (comment data, commenter URL, etc) and transfers link juice from that page to other sites, possibly lowering their own Google Page Rank. Links from DoFollow sites do get noticed by search engines

Below is an example of how a nofollow link generally looks:

<a title=”example” href=”http://example.com/article” rel=”nofollow”> Example</a>

You would want to use this method of linking out on your articles when the content you’re linking out to is untrusted or they’re paid links.

The reason most webmasters choose to keep their blog as “nofollow” is because of the amount of Comment SPAM that can be generated once you switch over from this default WordPress attribute.

How to Make Your WordPress Blog Dofollow

Well, there are a many DoFollow WordPress plugins that can help you do this achieve the DoFollow attribute very easily. Here are a few of them:

Dofollow – This DoFollow plugin for WordPress lets you remove the nofollow attribute from your comments and track backs.

Dofollow (WP Plugin) – This DoFollow WordPress plugin has the ability (optional) to remove nofollow from comments after a period of time

My only suggestion would be to opt for the DoFollow attribute if your blog is a well moderated blog as you will see a spike in your comments which will mostly be from Spammers. Also, an advantage of using any of these plugins would be that you can reward genuine commentators on your blog by sharing your like juice with them.

Do let us know your thoughts on this? Also, we would love to know if you’re following the DoFollow or NoFollow attribute on your blog…