Bounce Rateis percentage of visitors who “bounce” away after landing on your site i.e. the percentage of people who visit your site, look at one page, then leave rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site

As per Wikipedia, a “bounce” can take place on your website for the following reasons:

  • The visitor clicked on a URL to a page on a different website
  • The visitor clicked an Advertisement link on your website
  • The visitor closed an open window or tab
  • The visitor keyed a new URL in the search bar
  • The visitor used the “Back” button to leave the site
  • Due to Session timeout

The following formula is used to calculate bounce rate:

Bounce rate = total number of visits viewing only one page / total number of visits

For Ex, if you’re total number of visits in a month is 3000 and total number of visitors viewing only one page is 2000 – Your bounce rate would be calculated as 2000/3000 * 100 = 66.66%

A lower Bounce rate means that visitors stay on your website for a longer period of time as they are attracted to your content & enjoy the design (not necessarily though!), so they choose to look more within your internal pages, which is of course a good thing for your long-term strategy.

The best way to calculate your Bounce rate is by using Google Analytics, a web analytics program which does the calculation automatically for you.

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