There are many of us who don’t really know what is an RSS feed?When I started out blogging this was a very strange term for me, which got sorted out over a period of time!

An RSS Feed which stands for Really Simple Syndication is a web data format used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.

Feeds help us avoid opening our favorite website / blogs to check for updates as you can read all your favorite website / blog updates in one place with the help of RSS Reader. Most of the Web browser these days have in-built feed-reader.

The most popular web-based feed readers are:

  • MyYahoo
  • NewsGator
  • BlogLines
  • Google

Then you have other popular feed readers like Feed Demon, NetNewsWire and NewsFire.

Feeds have an advantage over email as:

  • The subscriber does not have to provide his email address (although you can subscribe using email address, to receive the updates in Inbox)
  • Un-subscribing from a feed can take place with the click of a button
  • The feed readers provides an excerpt of the post, which helps the reader decide if they want to go ahead with reading the complete post or not

A feed reader can help you avoid visiting all your favorite websites / blogs to check for updates and helps you choose the data that you want to read