I spent some time searching for the the best free wp templates that have a very high CTR. The problem is that you will never find a good looking theme with high CTR. You will always have to make a compromise between these two.

That’s why I made a beautiful list of the top 10 WordPress themes that are AdSense ready and have a decent design too. And if that’s not enough, I started to make free WP themes with a high quality design that will also have support for a high CTR of Adsense ads.

This collection of the top 10 wordpress adsense themes have a high CTR, between 5% and 25% and are ranked by Click Through rate (CTR) and design.

Note that we are not associated in any way with Google Inc. Google Adsense is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

You can download for free any of these themes. Here is the list of the Top 10 WordPress AdSense Themes:


1. Heatmap Reloaded

Preview | Download (277kb)


Heatmap Reloaded | Adsense ready Theme

Heatmap Reloaded | Adsense ready Theme


2. GlamoSense

Preview | Download (165kb)

Glamosense wordpress adsense theme

Glamosense | WordPress theme Adsense ready

3. Clearness

Preview | Download (100kb)


clearness wordpress theme

Clearness | WordPress theme Adsense ready


4. Mono Sense

Preview | Download (86kb)

MonoSense Theme SEO and AdSense ready

MonoSense| WordPress theme Adsense ready


5. Blue Sense

Preview | Download (93kb)


Bluesense| WordPress theme Adsense ready



6. Ads Minded

Preview | Download (298kb)


Ads minded wordpress theme

Ads minded| WordPress theme Adsense ready



7. Blix

Preview | Download (129kb)

Blix theme adsense

Blix| WordPress theme Adsense ready


8. ProSense

Preview | Download (38kb)

Prosense wordpress theme

Prosense| WordPress theme Adsense ready


9. Adsense Theme

Preview | Download (77kb)

adsense theme

Adsense theme| WordPress theme Adsense ready


10. Connections

Preview | Download (80kb)

Connections theme