Bounce Rateis percentage of visitors who “bounce” away after landing on your site i.e. the percentage of people who visit your site, look at one page, then leave rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site

The following formula is used to calculate bounce rate:

Bounce rate = total number of visits viewing only one page / total number of visits

In general parlance, the lower the bounce rate the more the no. of page views and the better the conversion rate of your blog.

Tips to reduce bounce rate of your blog:

1. WebSite Loading Time – If your website is loading slowly, visitors tend to go away rather than wait for your site to load. Get good webhosting like hostgator & try to reduce the no. of plugins that you use on blog. You can also use plugins like W3 Total Cache to cache your pages which will help reduce your loading time.

2. Web Layout & Design – Whether you like it or not, presentation is one of the deciding factors for a visitor to look deeper into your site or leave. You can get a great theme like Thesis and customize it for a good layout & design.

3. Great Content – It’s said repeatedly everywhere that content is king. Google said it after their panda update. Have content that really stands out and is unique, do not keyword stuff your content and try to write for readers rather than search engines. Make sure to have relevant content to your niche as a visitor comes to your set with a certain set of expectations, if you’re not able to live up to it with your content – they bounce.

4. Catchy Titles – Great & catchy titles can spark up your visitor’s interest  to further check out your posts. They definitely go a long way in increasing your page view and in effect reducing bounce rate

5. Related & Random Posts – Plugins like YAARP, Outbrain & widgets like popular posts, random posts, most recent at the end of a post or on your sidebar can go a long way in promoting your posts with great catchy titles to your visitors.

6. Interlinking to Your Old Posts – Interlinking to your old posts provides more relevant resources to your visitor’s to refer back to, which helps decrease your bounce rate. You can achieve this using SEO Smart Links & Insights Plugin

7. Keyword Research for Search Engine Traffic – Perform keyword research for keywords related to your niche and try to rank for them. With this you will ensure that you’re getting targeted traffic who is interested in your content and tend to fish out more content than just a page view.

8. Search Box – Place a very prominent search box on your site. This will help visitor’s look for content and navigate to different parts of your site,  if they’re not interested in what they’re currently reading.

9. Tag Cloud – A tag cloud of a site can give a visitor and overall idea of what the main topics of discussion are. A tag cloud can also be used as an additional navigation path for visitor’s to refer, thus decreasing bounce rate

10. Videos – Videos are excellent to communicate your point to visitor’s. However, there are a lot of sites that have autoplay of videos as a default which can be very irritating and real put off for visitors, thereby increasing bounce rate. Also, if you add & embed YouTube video – make sure to deselect ”Include related videos”option as this provides an external path to your visitors.

11. External Linking – Maintain this to a minimum in terms of advertisements and avoid external links on the page that visitors see when they land on your site.

These are a few of the many pointers that would help reduce bounce rate of you site. What are your strategies?