Top 10 Google Adsense ready WordPress themes

Here is a list of 10 Google Adsense ready WordPress themes for you to choose and download. You will see a link included to each theme’s home page as well as a download link.

The screen shots you see have been taken from the screen grabs of blogs running the specific theme.

Feel free to leave comments and recommendation of any of these themes or any that you use that you would like to see added to the list.

    1. ProSense | Download

prosense google adsense theme

    1. BlueSense | Download
    2. AdSense Theme | Download

 AdSense Theme

    1. Morris Blur | Download

Morris Blur Google Adsense Theme

    1. Tiglopedia | Download

tiglopedia Google Adsense Theme

    1. Connections with Adsense | Download

connections Google Adsense Theme

    1. Merah Putih | Download

Merah Putih Google Adsense Theme

    1. Ads Minded | Download

adsminded Google Adsense Theme

    1. Boqpod Adsense | Download

adsenseboqpod Google Adsense Theme

    1. Boqpod Adsense | Download

Citrus Google Adsense Theme

What is it about Google Adsense WordPress theme templates?

Well firstly if you don’t know anything about Google Adsense or what it is it’s suggested you click here to read about Google Adsense before reading on.

Effective ad placement on your website is important if you want to make good money from Google Adsense. Using a Google Adsense ready WordPress theme template with noticeable ad blocks and optimized ad placements in the right places will help increase your click through rates.

How are Adsense Ready Themes different from other WordPress themes?

A key component of all Adsense Ready themes is their consistency on incorporating related ads around content. When you see one of these themes you will notice how the ads and link units are carefully positioned above, beside and below each post to increase its click through rate as well as increase exposure.
Several themes will allow you to easily place Google ads wherever you want them however, the time and effort taking in doing this can be an issue and can also be difficult to master if you are not literate with php coding .You need to be able to understand basic php so you know exactly which template files to add your Google ads to so they appear on the pages you want them to appear on and in the exact spot you want them in. Usually the template files Google ads will go into are index.php, sidebar.php and single.php. You also need to be familiar with how to optimize your ad placement to get the most out of them

Why should I use Adsense Ready Templates?

The most obvious reason why you should use an Adsense ready theme is convenience and it saves times. You don’t have to sit there and plough through code and make any changes to the template files.

All you will need to do is change the Adsense publisher ID and you’re done. This does not take long and can be done easily by locating the code and simply overwriting the existing Adsense publisher ID with your own.