WordPress is the best blogging platform that is available today. It’s newbie friendly, easy to use and simple to manage. To enhance the experience of WordPress for a webmaster, there are many plugins out there that help you do that.

One such plugin that we came across is the TinyMCE Advanced plugin which is a superior visual editor that enables the user to edit HTML content in a more user friendly way. This plugin offers a whole lot of features over and above the default editor offered by WordPress.

We have used this plugin on our blog posts to create tables in our earlier posts Buyer keywords & Backlinks for Google PageRank. We created these tables very easily with TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

Features of this Plugin

  • Create & Edit Tables easily
  • Use Blockquotes & Smileys
  • Find & Replace
  • Spell Check
  • Emoticons (Smileys)
  • Advanced Link & Image
  • Font Size & Font Family selection
  • Totally adds over 40 buttons to WordPress WYSIWYG editor

Here is a screenshot of the various buttons it adds to your WordPress Edit post area:

TinyMCE Advanced

How to Install & Use the Plugin

  1. Search, install and activate “TinyMCE advanced” from Plugins > Add new
  2. In Settings > TinyMCE Advanced, drag and drop as many icons as you want from the bottom panel onto the 3rd line of the toolbar.
  3. Check “Import the current theme CSS Classes” at the bottom
  4. “Save Changes”

You can get TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Plugin

Feel Free to let us know if you’ve used  this TinyMCE advanced plugin & any of its features earlier to help enhance your blog posts for your readers