Launched just one and a half-year ago, the Thesis WordPress theme has become one of the most popular WordPress theme. After hearing so much about it and watching it in action on blogs like ShoutMeLoud , TechieMania & Serradinho, I decided to purchase it and try it on this blog of mine.

thesis theme review

So here is my review of a short stint with the Thesis 2.0 WordPress Theme

Easy Customization

One of the most easiest things about Thesis is that when you work with it you have to customize and play with only two files custom.css and custom_functions.php. Every time you modify the theme ensure to take a backup of these files, just incase you go wrong with your coding. You can also use the Thesis OpenHook to modify the theme via the blog administration panel. Not only can arbitrary HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even PHP be inserted into any of Thesis hooks, you can also easily remove any of the hooked default elements within Thesis with the click of a button

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest selling points of Thesis 1.8 WordPress Theme, it’s been developed keeping in mind Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Thesis is very clean and presents your content very well. With the Thesis theme you no longer need download a separate plugin like All In One SEO. This theme makes it very simple to customize your blog post titles, meta description, meta tags and a whole lot more.

Change the Look and Feel

You can change the look and design of the Thesis 2.0 WordPress Theme very easily. You have the design options which allows you to change the layout of the theme and fonts and its sizes as well. You can also choose to where to show your sidebars (right or left) You can alter the widths of the sidebars and also choose to show teasers and featured posts

Other Cool Features

Other features like the ability to add your Google Analytics code directly from the control panel. You can wish to show  multimedia box as well. Basically, it is a place on your site which you can use to rotate pictures, show YouTube videos, or even add banner ads to your site

The only downside to the Thesis 2.0 WordPress Theme is its price, $87 is pretty steep for a single use and is a big deal for people.

So there is it, my review of the Thesis 2.0 WordPress Theme. I hope you found this review useful. The support is very good and it has a very helpful community. If you’re looking for a good WordPress premium theme that gets you good search engine traffic and excellent SEO benefits……..GO Thesis!

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