Article marketing was an excellent source to spruce up your SEO efforts for many internet marketers. Also, we recall when there were times when products were sold on Internet Marketing forums like Warrior Forumon how to make money online with simple article marketing techniques. We presume it’ll be a thing of the past now.

The recent changes in Google’s Algorithm: Panda Update has changed the rules of the game for all of us and left a big question unanswered

Is Article Marketing Still worth the Effort?

  • Although this question cannot be answered at this point of time, one thing is sure that Article marketing has merely been reduced to a method of obtaining backlinks.
  • The panda update was an effort to hit out on content farms (sites that contain huge amount of data).
  • The algorithm change affected all kind of Article Marketing directories – moderated, unmoderated, good and bad.

The links you’ve built up from Article directories will mostly drop in value, for a while at least and the focus shifts on delivering quality content on your site. This Google Algorithm update brings open the fact that you’re article marketing efforts should be restricted to the top few article directories.

Your link building efforts should be more of “natural progression” – deliver quality content and the sites out there will link out to you anyways.

Content will always be King as Google will constantly change their algorithm to deliver best results to their users. Hence, our goal should be to become an authority in the niche you are with the right kind of SEO practices.

Do let us know your thoughts on how the recent Google Algorithm Update affects your article marketing efforts?