Rooting Download this File first and put in your SDCARD – CWM via stock recovery or download zip from – Reboot to recovery. Choose apply update from external storage. Choose and wait until CWM recovery appear. Choose install zip from sdcard or external SD Choose and Install Reboot You are done […]


Download & Unpack Download and install PHP from, you should grab the newest VC6 x86 Thread Safe zip package (VC6 is on the bottom half of the page). My file was named: Warning against PHP Installer I would NOT use the “PHP Installer” version. The Installer version (even though it’s larger) is missing […]


WordPress Plugins are generally distributed as zip format files. There are certain plugins which are created by authors and not added to WordPress plugin database, which is why you need to manually download them to your computer from the authors site and install them on your blog. In my previous post we covered how to automatically install a […]


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