Personally I’m a fan of showing related posts on my blog as they help reduce bounce rate and retain visitors for a longer period of time. Sometime back, I started using a third-party tool LinkWithin to show related posts on my blog which does a pretty decent job. Searching on, I came across Outbrain […]


One of the good ways to reduce the bounce rate of your blog is to lead the user to visit more pages on your blog. The related posts plugin YAARP does a great job that helps you do this by displaying related posts to your current article. Another good third party related posts plugin is LinkWithin, which is […]


Related posts are definitely a great way of garnering more page views for any website, they really help reduce bounce rate of your blog as readers are given an extra option for engaging into similar topics From the past 4 months, I’ve been using Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP), and it gives you a list […]


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