The best part about being on Firefox is that there are a whole lot of plugins that helps make life easier for webmasters. It can be taking screenshots or filling forms– firefox plugins do it all! One such firefox add-on that we came across is SEO Doctor which performs an SEO Audit on the your […]


A Heat mapis a graphical representation of data that displays areas of a Web page most frequently clicked by visitors. The map displays regions colored yellow, orange and red – the darker the color, the more “clicked” the spot is The importance of a heat map comes to light as you can discover the areas […]


Bounce Rateis percentage of visitors who “bounce” away after landing on your site i.e. the percentage of people who visit your site, look at one page, then leave rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site As per Wikipedia, a “bounce” can take place on your website for the following reasons: The visitor […]


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