Interlinking your sub pages within your blog is a great way to improve your rankings and  helps in providing you with long-term SEO benefits. It also reduces leads to decrease bounce rate and increased earnings. While linking your blog posts is an absolute must from an SEO point of view, it can also eat up a lot of your time […]


If you’re using SiteMeter to track visitors on your blog, it’s important to filter out your own visits in order to get an accurate picture of visitors.  As a webmaster, you might be visiting a lot of pages on your blog and these visits inflate traffic data giving you incorrect data of your traffic statistics. Here’s […]


In my earlier post, we discussed about why I decided to go with the Thesis Theme. By now probably more and more users are getting hooked on to Thesis for reasons which you will find in my Thesis Theme Review To style your posts and take them to a further level, Technozeast has released a very helpful plugin Thesis Style […]


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