Most of the people out there blog to make money or express themselves, but  many bloggers lack a defined purpose. Sure they’re blogging to make money, but that is way too vague. Every blog or website you launch should have a specific goal and purpose. So many people trying to make money rush and launch […]


Are you Interested in Blogging? Do you feel like you have something that you would like to tell the world? Did you know that starting a blog is relatively very easy? By just having basic knowledge of computer and the internet, you can start your first blog in just no time and begin blogging. Here […]


WordPress is most popular blogging platform in the blogosphere. Your WordPress database contains each post, comment and link you have on your blog. You might have spent hours building up posts for your readers and just imagine for some unexpected reason your database crashes! You end up losing all your data. This is the sole […]


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