A Difficult Choice Alphabet Soup Laying the Foundation Top Story Point and Click A Difficult Choice After the workout I gave you last time, you’re probably either chomping at the bit to build another PHP application or you’ve decided to give up PHP programming and try growing cucumbers instead. If it’s the latter, you should […]


The Real World Burning Questions Designer Databases Rocking the Vote PHP  (part 14): Going to the Polls – Part 2 The Real World In the course of this series, I’ve taken you on a tour of PHP, teaching you everything you need to know to get started with this extremely powerful toolkit. You’ve learned how […]


Hard Choices Making New Friends The Bookworm Turns Anatomy Class Different Strokes Adding to the Collection PHP 101 (part 9): SQLite My Fire! – Part 2 Hard Choices If you’ve been paying attention, you now know how to use PHP’s MySQL API to perform queries and process result sets. You might even have started thinking […]


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