Google uses page loading time as one of the factors to rank your website in Search Engine Result Pages, which increases the importance of keeping your blog load time to the minimum. Google introduced Page Speed Online, a tool that helps webmaster analyze the performance of a website. Page Speed Online analyzes the content of […]


Tracking PageRank for your domain’s main page is a simple process with, but what if you have 1000′s of pages and would like to track PageRank of all these pages.. it’s impossible to do this task manually. Sometime back we shared about a tool Google Monitor from Clever Stat to track ranking of your keywords in Google. We love to […]


Robots.txt is a text file which sits on the root of your domain and instructs search engine crawlers which page or directories of the site to crawl and which not to There are certain files in your blog like the admin folder which you might want to disallow the search engines from indexing. Blogs which […]


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