FireShot is a Firefox plugin that captures entire or visible area webpage screenshots directly from your Firefox Browser. FireShot also offers a set of editing tools which help you edit the web page captures and insert text annotations, graphical annotations etc. FireShot plugin can be very useful to webmasters who prefer to use web page images for tutorials […]


Javascript makes it possible to change background color of a document dynamically. This means that you can have terrible visual effects like the one you just saw. Actually, I had planned to make a smooth shade out sort of thing but somehow, it got like this. Your turn now. Select your favorite color from here […]


Waiting to Exhale An Empty Vessel… Not My Type The Dating Game PHP 101 (part 13): The Trashman Cometh – Part 2 Waiting to Exhale Maybe you’ve heard the term GIGO before. If you haven’t, it stands for Garbage In, Garbage Out, and it’s a basic fact of computer programming: if you feed your program […]


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