A buyer keyword is a keyword that the casual Internet surfer is using to search for a particular product or service with the intention of purchasing it. While performing your keyword research, it’s important that you focus on buyer keywords along with Long Tail Keywords as they are the ones that will probably get you […]


Backlinks are fuel for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Backlinks is the whole & sole reason you will receive loads of traffic from search engines. Links from other sites to your site are basically a ‘vote’ that tell search engines you are trusted and you are a good resource for your niche. So, how long does […]


Keyword Research is the fundamental step of Search Engine Optimization which should be performed by every webmaster before publishing content on the web. The right use of keywords helps draw targeted traffic to your blog & using Keywords accurately in your posts plays a huge role in helping your pages rankhigh in search results. Before […]


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