Off late I’ve been dwelling a lot into keyword research and trying to dig down deeper into what actually works. In one of my earlier posts on this blog also provides details on How to do Keyword Research. Today, as part of my in depth research I decided to take one of most popular posts […]


Drop My Link is an online resource that will help you find various sources to build backlinks. It uses Google Search Operators to find the following: .gov blogs .edu blogs KeywordLuv blogs Directories – To Add URL, Site & Website Squidoo Lenses Hub Pages All you need to do is enter the keyword that you’re […]


In our earlier post, we discussed on using Google Search Operators to find CommentLuv, KeywordLuv & DoFollow Blogs. However, there will be many of us out there who think that it would be a very tedious task using these operators as there is a learning curve involved with it. This is for all those who […]


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