Further to the earlier post on 3 Advantages of Interlinking your blog posts, we came across the WordPress Insight plugin which looks to be very effective for interlinkingyour blog posts This plugin allows you to link your blog posts by searching for specific keywords within your WordPress admin panel (post area) with a single click. […]


What do i need to get rich A WordPress Blog with many, many visitors. Google Adsense Account. This Plugin. Installation Search for Wp Adsense Plugin Within WordPress Blog click Plugins / Add New or Download Adsense Insert here. Unpack and copy Wp  Adsense Plugin folder to your Plugin Directory. (Do not rename folder!) Activate Plugin. […]


Automatically add Google Adsense code to your Blog. Here are some of the reasons why this plugin is outstanding:  Different injection for single pages and pages with multiple Posts. (All other solutions make ugly pages)  Intelligent insertion without breaking lists, pictures etc.  Number of ads can be dependent on the post length.  Comfortable definition of […]


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