If you’re using Google Adsense on your blog, you will definitely be interested in placing your adsense units on your blog which will help you achieve the highest click through rate. According to my limited experience, placing adsense units on your blog is not enough to help you generate a decent revenue through your blog. […]


In one of our earlier posts we mentioned how you can make money online using Google AdSense. Today, we decided to take the plunge and try out Google AdSense on our blog. The first step towards placing AdSense ad units on your blog is to create them. Since, this took a while to understand  – […]


A Heat mapis a graphical representation of data that displays areas of a Web page most frequently clicked by visitors. The map displays regions colored yellow, orange and red – the darker the color, the more “clicked” the spot is The importance of a heat map comes to light as you can discover the areas […]


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