Fire-Proofing Your Code Rogues Gallery Early Warning Rolling Your Own PHP 101 (part 12): Bugging Out – Part 2 Fire-Proofing Your Code Even the best developers make mistakes sometimes. That’s why most programming languages – including PHP – come with built-in capabilities to catch errors and take remedial action. This action can be as simple […]


PHP 101 (part 7): The Bear Necessities – Part 1 Ending On A High Note Discovering New Things Access Denied Ending On A High Note Just as there are constructors, so also are there destructors. Destructors are object methods which are called when the last reference to an object in memory is destroyed, and they […]


Alphabet Soup Back To Class Animal Antics Going Deeper This And That Under Construction Hands Off Extending Yourself Part 2 Alphabet Soup So now you know how to create your own functions in PHP, and you’ve spent the last few days busily inspecting your applications and turning repeated code fragments into functions. But functions are […]


Sometimes you want to apply a special style to a particular element or a particular group of elements. In this lesson, we will take a closer look at how you can use class and id to specify properties for selected elements. How can you color one particular headline differently than the other headlines on your […]



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