Tracking PageRank for your domain’s main page is a simple process with, but what if you have 1000′s of pages and would like to track PageRank of all these pages.. it’s impossible to do this task manually. Sometime back we shared about a tool Google Monitor from Clever Stat to track ranking of your keywords in Google. We love to […]


A website may be down or not performing well in different locations of the world due to various reasons with a few of them being – problem with your web hosting, issues with IP address etc. Just Ping is an online web-based ping tool that pings from 50 locations worldwide. This tool helps you know […]


How many times have you published a post and later found out that you forgot to proof read your post? It’s common sense as it sounds, to go through your blog posts for spelling, grammatical errors and check the overall sanity of the post before publishing them. Comments from readers pointing out spelling and grammatical errors is the last thing any blogger […]


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