We’ve discussed various methods to build backlinks to your blog. Building backlinkswill help you rank higher in search engines, ultimately bringing you more organic traffic –  the dream of every webmaster. But did you know that when you build backlinks, it needs to be recognized by the search engines – so that you receive credit […]


Blog Commenting is one of the great methods to build up backlinksto your website. While it is most beneficial to receive backlinks from blogs that are related to your topic, it might not always be the case. Although it should be remembered that irrespective from where a backlink is received, it still remains a backlink […]


In one of my previous posts , we discussed on Importance of Keywords in SEO. The importance of backlinks cannot be undermined in terms of SEO. The rule is simple, the more the backlinks = more credibility of the blog in the eyes of search engines. Search Engines give a lot of credit to websites […]


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