Waiting to Exhale An Empty Vessel… Not My Type The Dating Game PHP 101 (part 13): The Trashman Cometh – Part 2 Waiting to Exhale Maybe you’ve heard the term GIGO before. If you haven’t, it stands for Garbage In, Garbage Out, and it’s a basic fact of computer programming: if you feed your program […]


A Little Knowledge In Plain English Monday Morning Blues Having an Argument… or Two Circles in the Sand Marching Order The Amazing Shrinking Argument List Going Global Checking References A Little Knowledge If you’ve been taking your regular dose of PHP 101, you know now enough about PHP to write simple programs of your own. […]


A Big Mistake Fruity Pizza Eating Italian Push And Pull Looping the Loop What’s That Noise? Music for the Masses A Big Mistake Having spent lots of time travelling around the outer landscape of PHP – learning all about control structures, operators and variables – you’re probably bored. You might even be thinking of dropping […]



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