One of the ways of growing your blog is by paying attention to your comment section as it improves overall user experience with your blog.

Subscribe to Comments WordPress plugin gives users the option to subscribe to comments when they are leaving a comment on one of your posts. Users are notified via e-mail when someone else comments on the post. This helps build a community around your blog by encouraging commentators to come back and stay engaged in the discussion. It’s also a way to get repeat visitors which helps increase your traffic.

A good feature of this plugin is that users are in full control – A user can subscribe and manage their subscription to comments of a blog post without having to register.

3 Reasons Why You Need get the Subscribe to Comments Plugin on your blog:

  1. How many times do readers leave a question on your blog article and forget to come back and check if you have left a response?
  2. How many times have you replied to a question on your blog article and then realised that the question-asker is never coming back to read your response?
  3. Isn’t it a good way to engage readers to re-visit your blog and read the new stuff that you’ve posted?

subscribe to commentsWhile installing the plugin you should leave the “Notify me of followup comments via email” box unchecked. Please set it to unchecked so your commenters can choose to subscribe to the comments else they will have emails from your blog which is annoying as they did not opt for it. I’ve personally experienced this situation.

One of the good features of this plugin is that they can subscribe & manage their subscription without having to register.

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