In Simple terms, Anchor text is the text used to describe a web page link. Anchor text makes it convenient for visitors to click a link that has been assigned with an Anchor text, as it looks less “spammy” and the user has a fair idea about what that information that link contains.

By using anchor text on your posts, you also make it easier for the search engines to index the pages that you’re linking to, which also makes your posts rank higher.

Here’s how it works:

A link that reads “Bounce Rate” would indicate to users & search engine that information on the linked page is going to pertain to Bounce Rate. Now, if the page does not pertain to Bounce rate then it is very unlikely that the page will rank in a high position in SERP’s. The appropriate use of anchor text (which should ideally be your keywords) ensures that your posts rank highly in search engine result pages.

Importance of Anchor Text in SEO

We all know that backlinks are the life blood of SEO. SEO is the art of ranking your posts highly in search engines for targeted keywords. Backlinks are considered as a vote from a website to your content in Google’s eyes and they help rank you rank higher for targeted keywords. Building backlinks with the targeted keywords as your anchor text is the best way to ensure that your posts rank highly in search engine result pages.

Creating Anchor Text for a Link in your WordPress Blog

You can have anchor text for your links very easily on your WordPress Blog by using the following code on your HTML editor while writing your posts

<a href= “”>Anchor Text</a>

Make sure to replace the website link and “Anchor Text” field to your targeted Keyword

The Anchor text has huge SEO benefits if used appropriately and can help increase your page’s ranking in Search Engine Result Pages. If you would like to rank for a keyword, try to build up relevant backlinks to that page with targeted keyword and your Anchor text.

We would be glad to hear your experiences on using Anchor Text for long-term SEO benefits?