Article Marketing is one of the great ways to build backlinks and traffic to your site. It helps take your SEO efforts to a next level as you build backlinks to your site and helps promote your blog thereby increasing traffic to your site.

The recent changes in Google’s Algorithm: Panda Update has changed the rules of the game for all of us and left a big question unanswered: Is Article Marketing an SEO Strategy?

Well, Here is Google Engineer Matt Cutt’s view on this

So Should you pursue Article Marketing?

If you’re writing an article , you try to include a link in the bottom with the hope that bunch of other people will put up copies of the article and you will obtain a number of backlinks. These sites that publish these articles are not high quality sites.

How are backlinks treated when other websites republish the same article?

Matt clearly states that “You should lean away from that and lean more towards great content that naturally has links. Also, Good social media marketing so that people link to your content organically for the reasons that they really love it”

The Verdict – Links from Article Directories & websites that are republished by websites which are generally not of high quality content are not beneficial from an SEO point of view. People too are not great fans of content that is republished from article directories.

Do you enjoy reading content that is published from Article Directories? Please let us know if you think links from Websites that republish content from Article Directories are beneficial from an SEO point of view.