Link Building is one of the most written and marketed topics of Search Engine Optimization. You’ll find tons of ebooks and softwares all over the place showing you easy and different methods of building backlinks to your site.

The reason this topic is given prime importance?
No. of one way links = High Rankings for Keywords in SERP’s = High Targeted Traffic

The next question that pops up – are links from all sites given equal weightage?
Probably not, the first factor that comes into consideration is “rel=nofollow” and secondly the PageRank of the page linking out.

Nofollow does not mean that search engines do not see the pages which nofollow links point to, it means link value (page rank) nor referral attribution is given. Here is Matt Cutts, Google Engineer response to the question – Are nofollow links irrelevant?

You will realize that Mat Cutts has to say that:

“Nofollow links are dropped out of Google’s graph and are irrelevant from a search engine point of view. Since search engines should not be your only lookout, you can use different strategies like blog commenting, sharing your posts on social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter to get traffic to your sites”

However, we just looked up webmaster central and found many links from blogs that have the nofollow tag. It is still a debate whether nofollow links are useless. Some people still believe that they are beneficial for Link Popularity but do not pass any PageRank

We would love to hear your thoughts and views if nofollow links are valuable or not?