Search Meter is a WordPress Plugin that helps you track the exact search terms that are being made by your visitors from the search box of your blog. If you have a Search box installed on your blog, then this plugin will automatically records what people are searching for and whether they are finding what they are looking for.

The Search Meter plugin has an excellent admin interface & shows you what people have been searching for in the last couple of days, and in the last week or month. It also shows you which searches have been unsuccessful.

search meter

How can Search Meter Plugin Help You?

This useful plugin helps you generate post ideas & keeps your blog focused as you know what your visitors are looking for and expecting from your blog. You can give them what they want by creating new posts on those topics. This works like an intelligence tool in the back-end giving you tips and ideas on what should be the overall focus of your blog.

Search Meter installs easily and requires no configuration. Just install it, activate it, and it starts tracking your visitors searches.

You can get Search Meter WordPress Plugin

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