ReplyMe WordPress plugin sends an email to a commentator whenever somebody replies to their comment. This simple but very efficient plugin helps build up visitor interaction on your blog as commentators are notified whenever there is a response to their original comment which encourages exchange of dialogue and conversation.

How Does ReplyMe WordPress Plugin Work?

This non intrusive plugin sends out a customized email only when the commentator’s reply has a response not otherwise. The email that is sent is highly customizable to include tags of your choice in both subject & body of the email message.

ReplyMe WordPress Plugin Settings
Here is a sample email that your commentator will receive incase there is a response to their comment:

ReplyMe WordPress Plugin EMail

Unlike the Subscribe to Comments WordPress plugin, which sends out emails on every other comment on that post – the ReplyMe WordPress plugin does not flood your commentators Inbox.

IMHO with use of Subscribe to Comments WordPress Plugin, it does get really annoying to receive emails on each comment that has been made on a post & especially on blogs which get high number of comments.

You can download ReplyMe WordPress Plugin

Do let us know if you’ve used any other good WordPress plugin to respond to your commentators?