Banner Advertising is one of the great ways to Make Money Online if you have a blog. Direct direct banner advertising is a difficult proposition for new bloggers as you need hoards of traffic to get advertisers place their ads on your blog.

The easiest way to have banner ads on your blog is to join a Blog Advertising Marketplace. We recently discussed that BuySellAds is a good place to start Banner Advertising if you’re interested. No doubt they’re the best in the banner advertising space – but it’s hard for new bloggers to get their blogs approved with them and you’re blog enters BSA’s marketplace only when you have 10,000 impressions/month. This is hard for any blogger who has just begun in this industry.

A New Advertising Network in the Banner Advertising Space is Puxee



Puxee is a new up-and-coming advertising network that is hoping to fulfill all the needs of advertisers and publishers. They’ve Launched in January 2011 and hope to become the advertising network of choice for publishers looking to monetize the traffic to their sites.

They work on similar lines as BuySellAds and of course it’s much easier to get your blog approved and kick-start your online income. It’s a great alternative to BuySellAds if you’re interested in making money online through banner advertising in the initial stages of blogging.

Features of Puxee

  • No Minimum Payout – when the sale goes through, you get your money through PayPal
  • Zip into Marketplace – Unlike BuySellAds which requires a minimum of 10,000 impressions /month, your blog once approved by Puxee enters the marketplace immediately
  • Statistics – Realtime updates of your statistics
  • Competitive commissions –  Puxee charges 25% commission for any ads placed on your blog

If you have a new blog and have some fair amount of traffic, Puxee is definitely worth giving a shot. We’ve just signed up with Puxee and hope to make some money online with them. Check out our page here and sign up with them as well.

Please share your experiences with us, if you’ve used Puxee earlier
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