Possible iPad Mini photos leak, production reported in Brazil

The world is supposedly only a few short weeks away from meeting Apple’s iPad Mini, and just as the release seems impending, so are the perfunctory leaks, reports, and rumors surrounding the tiny tablet.

Photos surfaced Tuesday purportedly showing several components as well as the back of the 7.85-inch device.

First appearing on UkrainianiPhone, the snaps were reportedly taken inside a Chinese factory producing the tablet.

Among the info that can be gleaned from the clandestine pics are that it comes in a black case, offers 3G support, needs Apple’s new Lightning dock connector, and has a nanoSIM tray.

The back panel also looks to be made of the same anodized aluminum found on the iPhone 5.

International production

While the leaks were supposedly taken inside a Chinese factory, another report from Tuesday has the iPad Mini in production at a Foxconn factory in Brazil.

Macotakara, a Japanese Apple blog, brought the news to light and reported it wasn’t able to confirm whether Chinese Foxconn factories are also producing the slate (though the leaks seem to offer all the confirmation needed).

The blog’s sources also said the iPad Mini that’s in production no longer has a microphone opening to the rear of the device.

In demand

One reason for the cross-continent production could lay with another new Apple device – the iPhone 5, announced Sept. 12 and unleashed on the world Sept. 21.

The 4-inch handset has sold like hot cakes, with retailers pushing delivery date for the phone out to three weeks.

Going to South America could ease production demands for both phones, BGR speculated, and, pending any major hangups, we could see all holiday wishes for a Mini come true.

Despite these high hopes, a financial analyst has claimed Apple is running into production problems with the new iPad, citing issues meeting Apple’s demands for a thinner side bezel.

Though a hiccup, the same analyst said he doesn’t expect too big of an impact resulting from the hiccups on the production line.

The last we heard on the tablet’s price was that it would run somewhere between $250 and $350 (around UK£160-£230, AU$243-$331), though other reports have it at $249-$299 (around UK£154-£185, AU$242,$291).