We’ve discussed various methods to build backlinks to your blog. Building backlinkswill help you rank higher in search engines, ultimately bringing you more organic traffic –  the dream of every webmaster.

But did you know that when you build backlinks, it needs to be recognized by the search engines – so that you receive credit for the backlinks. When you build up backlinks life forum profiles – they’re generally not found and recognized but search engines immediately – it might take a while to get recognized or end up not getting recognized at all.

A good way to help search engines recognize your backlinks is to ping them. However, there are many webmaster that wonder if it’s a good method to ping your backlinks. If you’re looking to get credit for your backlinks  – pinging your backlinks might be a good option.

Firstly, Let’s understand Pinging

Pinging is basically a way of notifying the search engines that you have written or posted something new to your website or blog page. When you ping the page where your backlink has been created – you’re notifying the search engines that a backlink has been created your site and you should get rewarded it (since a backlink is considered as a vote) for by a change in SERP’s.

How to Ping Backlinks

We’ve come across an excellent service called ping farm that helps you ping multiple links at once. You even have the option of importing a list of URL’s and pinging them.

How we use this – If you’re a frequent visitor on my blog – you would have learnt that we’ve discussed on Social Monkee. You could basically, pull out the report to get the backlinks once the submission is complete and ping the URL’s where the backlinks are placed.

If you’re using directory submissions to build backlinks or using blog commenting as a link building strategy, it’s a good idea to take those URL’s and ping them, so that the backlink gets recognized.

How to Use Ping Farm

  1. Go to pingfarm.com
  2. Cut and paste your URL’s into the first box, or upload your text file. Ensure you place one URL per line.
  3. Scroll down to the “Services to Ping” section and click the “MASS PING!” button.

Feel free to share your experiences on pinging your backlinks and the results of the same