Personally I’m a fan of showing related posts on my blog as they help reduce bounce rate and retain visitors for a longer period of time. Sometime back, I started using a third-party tool LinkWithin to show related posts on my blog which does a pretty decent job. Searching on, I came across Outbrain WordPress widget and decided to try it out.

I’ve been using outbrain for almost a week, the visual appeal of this widget is great when compared to LinkWithin’s plain display or YAARP’s vertical display of posts with thumbnails – which is really why I would opt for this plugin.

The objective of YAARP and LinkWithin is different when compared to Outbrain. Outbrain focuses on “You might like”, whereas YAARP & LinkWithin is about “Related Posts”

As per the CEO of Outbrain, they focus on “You might like” instead of “related posts” because “In many cases our data shows that the highly relevant links are actually getting a lower click-through-rate, probably because the reader feels they’re already educated on the subject and are ready to move on and discover new stuff. So while our algorithms get smarter over time about showing readers links they are most likely to click on and create more engagement on your blog”

Outbrain also adds an additional layer of interactivity to your site by letting users rate your articles and see related content based on the rates they have been given.

Features of this plugin

  • Completely free
  • A dead simple, reader-friendly way to show off your posts and increase traffic
  • Super easy to install and automatically inherits your site’s look and feel
  • Get user feedback by adding five-star or thumbs-up ratings
  • Access to real-time traffic and usage reports
  • Full control over sponsored recommendations

They also have a reporting system allows you to see what articles are getting the highest click-throughs and track your most popular posts.

OutBrain1 300x297

To get this widget, you need to visit Outbrain and enter options like Recommendation type, platform, Feedback method. You can install this plugin via the following two methods:

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