In one of our earlier posts, we spoke about the No Self Ping WordPress Plugin which helps you to stop pinging your own blog posts.

Blogs by nature are more powerful than websites as they have the ability to ping whenever you post a new article on your blog. But the downside is that, WordPress pings services even when you update, edit, or schedule any post. For Ex – If you edit a post 10 times then WordPress will send 10 pings. It doesn’t matter how small or big a change you make, WordPress always pings whenever you edit.  The pinging services end up banning your blog as it seems to them like you’re blog is spamming their services.

A plugin called the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer corrects WordPress pinging system and solves all the problem.

Features of MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer

  1. When you create a new post, your blog will ping and notify all the ping services that it has been updated. This encourages search engines and different blog directories/services to index your updated blog properly.
  2. When you edit an existing post, it won’t send an unnecessary ping to ping services and saves your blog from getting banned.
  3. When you post a future post by editing the time stamp, it will ping only when your post appears in future. It won’t unnecessarily ping many times when you schedule posts as WordPress does by default


To activate the plugin you need to sign up for the author’s newsletter using your email ID.

You can download Ping Optimizer