As a blogger it’s not always that you will start making money through your blog from the day you start off. Making money through your blog involves a lot of hard work and a tremendous amount of patience before you start seeing the results you expect. Frankly, most people give up early because they’re clearly looking for shortcuts and tend to forget that just like in the real world, where you give a brick and mortar business a gestation period – the same applies to your blog too.

But if you’re a blogger and have not made any money online yet, it would be a great idea to venture out from your blog  on a part time basis to make a few bucks online to support your basic costs like web hosting, premium themes, premium plugins and logo design.

A great way to support your blog is by writing articles in a niche of your interest for other websites that will actually buy out your articles and pay you for your creative efforts.

3 Great Websites to Make Money Online Through Writing Articles

Text Broker – You can write articles here in a niche of your choice and they take care of marketing and promotion of the article. They have more than 10,000 orders coming in every month on topics from acai berry to zebra striped furniture, leaving you room for plenty articles to write and orders to fulfill. Your earnings are clearly listed for each article, and pay-offs occur twice a month via PayPal. You receive your full earnings because they cover all PayPal fees.

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ODesk – You can sign up with them and you’ll find that largest database of jobs available for any kind of work apart from writing articles as well. If you’re good and have acquired a skill in web designing, you can exploit that area as well. Below are just a few of the writing areas you can look at:

  • Technical Writing
  • Website Content
  • Blog & Article Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Translation
  • Creative Writing

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Constant Content – Sign up as an author and you can write content on topics relating to people, politics, cooking , culture and just about anything you can think of.Constant Content takes 35% of the total sale of each article and the author receives 65% of the total amount of sale which is pretty reasonable for the amount of work they do to promote your content. Payment is made through Paypal

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Do let us know if you ever used any of these websites to help you make money online through your writing services.