Sponsored Reviews is a paid blogging model where bloggers get paid for writing articles or reviews of websites that want to create a buzz online for the services they offer or products that they sell.

Joining & being on one of the below paid blogging model will give you an opportunity to set your own price and write on a wide variety of topics. Although, we suggest that it’s better of to stick to your niche and don’t go overboard with writing only paid reviews on your blog as that distracts readers and they end up leaving eventually.

List of Sponsored Reviews and Paid Blogging Networks

SponsoredReviews – The best sponsored reviews available in the network. I’ ve used SponsoredReviews and found them to be excellent and personally  find them to be one of the best.  You set your own price, depending on the size of your readership and the quality of your blog posts, you can earn anywhere from $5 to $1000 per post. If you are a major site, you might be able to get even more. You are paid to write in-depth, honest posts and your constructive criticism is appreciated and expected. You will receive your cash earnings via PayPal on a bi-weekly basis.

ReviewMe – Advertisers choose which specific blogs to review their product or website. So basically sit back and let the review offers come to you. Payments are calculated and paid out on a monthly basis and sent out no later than the 4th of each month.

Blogvertise – They offer various ways to advertise on your blog like Banner Ads, Text Link Ads, Inline Advertising and paid blogging model. Once approved by the administrator your blogs are inserted into the assignment queue, where you will then be emailed tasks/new assignments to write about in your blog. Payments are made through Paypal and Payments are made after 30 days your assigned task has been approved. Your task must be submitted back to the system by you for approval by the administrator before you will be paid.

If you’ve come across some other paid blogging model that you found interesting and worthwhile, feel free to share with us