Google’s overall effort is to make the internet a better place to be in. One of the way they try to achieve this is by having Page Loading Time as one of the ranking factors in its ranking system. A decrease in the page loading time means that an overall increase in your visitor experience.

If you use a lot of images like thumbnails for your posts in your blog like us, you will notice that a lot of time is taken by images to download. You can test the page loading time by using Pingdom. We suggest that you use this tool in a defined frequency to check your page loading time – will give you  an average speed.

What is JQuery Lazy Loading WordPress Plugin

Lazy loader delays loading of images in (long) pages. Images outside the view port (visible part of web page) wont be loaded before user scrolls down.

This is opposite of image preloading. Using lazy load on long pages containing heavy image content makes page feels snappier and in some cases can help reduces the server load. The visitors browser will be in ready state after loading visible images. There is no need to wait for unknown amount of pictures to load.

How to Install & Use JQuery Lazy Loading WordPress Plugin

1. Download plugin by link given below
2. Unzip the archive file.
3. Upload the unzipped folder to the root of your WordPress “plugins” folder.
4. Activate the “jQuery Image Lazy Load” plugin in your website’s plugin administration page.
5. You’re done

Although we use this plugin on our blog, we’re not really sure if this plugin is compatible with all browsers out there. We’re still testing it and understand that there are browsers that load all images anyway and disregard Jquery Lazy Loading.

Get the JQuery Lazy Loading WordPress Plugin

Do let us know if you’ve come across some other good WordPress plugin that helps reduce your page loading time.