Is Blog Commenting a Link Building Strategy?

Leaving comments on blogs used to be one of the well-known strategies to build up backlinks. But after WordPress & other blogging platforms started using the nofollow tag as default to combat comment SPAM, leaving comments on blogs cannot be considered as a link building strategy purely from an SEO point of view. But there are other benefits associated with it.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

  • Comments & links left on a blog which has the default nofollow tag will not count towards your page rank. But it should be remembered that to make your link building natural, you should leave comments of nofollow blogs as well.
  • There are a lot of blogs out there that do not agree with the default use of nofollow tag and modify the tag to dofollow attribute. These “dofollow” blogs reward their visitors for commenting by passing on link juice to your site. This helps increase your page rank.

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  • One the biggest benefit leaving a valuable comment on a post that adds to the conversation can be a great way to gain natural traffic. For Ex, you leaving a valuable comment on my blog could cause someone to visit your site as they would be interested in knowing your thoughts. Let’s say you happen to go an event, wouldn’t you make conversations? Blog Commenting is similar, if you like a post and you have something valuable to add, you should leave a comment
  • Regularly posting valuable comments around blogs in your niche will help you stand out and create a brand for your blog.

Although, Blog Commenting cannot be considered as a link building strategy purely from an SEO point of view – It does offer various other benefits which are intangible & immeasurable in terms of SEO or any other ranking method.

We would love to hear your thoughts on Blog Commenting as a Link Building Strategy