iPhone 5
IPhone 5: Assault on Battery? How to improve battery performance with 6 quick tips. (Photo: Apple)

iPhone 5 battery drain is becoming one of the most talked-about problems with the new iPhone 5. Despite the iPhone 5’s impressive array of technological achievements, including what is supposed to be the most advanced battery to date, users are blowing up Apple’s support site with comments about abysmal battery performance. Most users are complaining about getting two or three hours max out of their new iPhone 5. And while those of us without the smartphone (myself included) may want to yell “NEENER NEENER NEENER! YOUR COOL PHONE IS A WIENER!!!” there’s just no joy in kicking someone when they’re down. Besides, there are a lot of tips and tricks for reducing battery drain on the iPhone 5. These tips also work for anyone experiencing battery drain on an older iPhone that’s been upgraded to the new iOS 6. So take your iPhone 5 from wiener to winner by using some (or all) of the following tips:

1. A CARAT A Day Keeps The Drain Away

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I think this is the most user-friendly solution to the battery drain problem. The CARAT app is simply fantastic and is basically the equivalent of having an angry geekboy lecture you on phone usage, minus the ickiness of having to actually talk to an angry geekboy in person. The app is part of a research program out of UC Berkeley. It works by tracking your iPhone 5 (or any smartphone) usage for a week, analyzes the data, and sends you a personalized report on which apps and features you should disable and how much battery life disabling said features will save you. The screenshots are pretty compelling. And it’s not a general power meter reader type app that just finds the stuff that uses the most power and tells you to shut it down. Sometimes certain apps are buggy, and it may recommend rebooting something you use a lot, like Twitter. It’s basically like giving your phone to a team of engineering PhDs for a week and having them tinker with your settings. So, unless you think you’re smarter than a team of university-trained PhDs, give it a shot. Due to growing demand the CARAT team has posted a disclaimer asking users to be patient in waiting for results, so while you wait try these other tips.

2. WiFi and Bluetooth: Partners In Drain

Two of the biggest power hogs in iOS 6 are the WiFi and Bluetooth features. Both of these programs run constantly in the background, scanning for wireless signals, and will gobble up your battery life like a stoned Kobayashi. Disabling them when not in use can provide a noticeable improvement to your battery life.

3.”I’m Leeeaving … In Airplane Mode … “
If you’re experiencing a ton of battery drain on your iPhone 5 or iOS 6 phone you can extend the life by treating it like it isn’t a phone. Seems strange, right? But it does work. If you’re going to be in a situation where you don’t want to get phone calls (or need to get phone calls) then turning your phone to Airplane Mode can save some battery life for later. It’s basically the same principle as disabling WiFI or Bluetooth when you’re not using them. Keeping your iPhone 5 connected to the LTE network requires a good bit of power, so disabling cellular service by switching to Airplane Mode can conserve power for when you need it. You can also just disable the LTE settings by going to Settings > General > Cellular and switching off the “Enable LTE” feature.

4. Notifications Notifying You That You Will Be Notified Of Any Notifications
One of the great features of the iPhone 5 is how often it notifies you for updates on, well, pretty much everything. But every update causes your screen to light up, which sucks away battery life (especially if your phone is sitting unattended in your pocket or bag). And the background scanning for constant notifications also eats away at your battery life. While there is no “magic button” for disabling all notifications, changing your email settings can help. Go to: Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars > Fetch New Data. Disable push e-mail and set “Fetch” to manual. You’ll have to check your e-mail yourself, but this gives you a little more control over how your phone spends the precious, precious battery power.

5. Major Turn-Offs
There a host of ther things you can disable in iOS 6 that will help extend the life of your battery. Turn off Siri’s Raise to Speak – Settings > General > Siri. Turn off Location Services. Go to – Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Turn off Notification Center widgets. Go to – Settings > Notifications and then run down the list of weather, stock, etc. and disable them. Turn off any extra sounds and the iPod EQ. Some basic hardware stuff works too. Use headphones instead of the phone’s speakers to save some juice. Reduce screen brightness under Settings > Brightness And Wallpaper. Turn auto-adjust off and turn your brightness way down for daytime use.

6. It’s Not You, It’s … You, Actually
Sometimes the problem isn’t just invisible tricky settings in the phone. Sometimes the problem is that a person gets a shiny new toy and can’t stop using it for every damn thing all the damn time. analyze your usage. Be honest. Are you toying around with the phone a little more frequently than with your old phone? Reducing your usage is probably the easiest way to conserve battery life. If you’re the kind of person who basically lives on your iPhone 5, keep yourcharger handy. It feels a little archaic but if you want to chill out in a coffee shop or break room and play around with your phone, just plug it in.

These tips should help you get the most battery life out of your new iPhone 5, or reduce the drain iOS 6 is placing on your older iPhone. Obviously, the biggest argument is “Why did I buy an iPhone 5 if I have to turn all the damn stuff off all the time?” Unfortunately (for you) that’s not a question I can answer