Further to the earlier post on 3 Advantages of Interlinking your blog posts, we came across the WordPress Insight plugin which looks to be very effective for interlinkingyour blog posts

This plugin allows you to link your blog posts by searching for specific keywords within your WordPress admin panel (post area) with a single click. It increases the quality of your posts while helping with productivity

A great feature of this plugin is that along with interlinking your blog posts, you can Insert Flickr images, Insert YouTube videos, Search Wikipedia, Search Google, Search Google News, Google Blog Search, Google Book Search, Insert a Google Map

Did you know that google reads pages only in form of links? Which is why you must create 2 sitemaps, one for your users and one for the search engines. Hence, the advantage of using a plugin like Insights is tremendous as you can keep referencing to your earlier posts and readers tend to stay longer on your blog as they visit your previous posts as well, ultimately reducing your bounce rate and increasing your earnings.

Download and install Insight plugin from author site and when you write an article you will see a box like this and you can quickly interlink your old blog post for overall SEO benefits to your site.

Do let us know if you’ve come across some other great WordPress plugins that can increase the productivity of your blog.