Deep Link is a link that points to a specific page instead of that website’s main or home page. The process of creating such deep links is called deep linking.

The goal of search engine optimization is to increase the authority of your entire site, and not just a single page (home page). This can be achieved by deep linking

The Importance of Deep Linking in SEO

During a regular search on Google, you search visitors are likely to end up looking at a specific page on your website (blog) which contains the targeted keywords rather than your homepage. The aim of deep linking is to build up backlinks to your specific page to help you rank higher in SERP’s.

Interlinking your posts with each other is also a form of deep linking. The more relevant deep links in your content the more likely that your old contents will get exposed to your readers. This way you can generate more page views per visitor. This can be achieved using Insights plugin or SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin

Anchor Text

Anchor text are a set of words that are used to hyperlink a particular URL in order to create a deep link. A good way to select anchor text is by choosing the keywords you are targeting

For example, you have targeted an older post with the keyword phrase “Keyword Density Checker”. In that case the most appropriate anchor text for deep linking the post “How to use Keyword Density Checker WordPress Plugin”. Using this  you can increase your authority for the keyword phrase “Keyword Density Checker”.

Deep Linking has unmeasurable benefits is terms of SEO for your whole website. The number of inbound deep links to the different pages on your website will decide the overall authority of your website in the eyes of Search Engines.