In one of the earlier posts we learnt the importance of having sitemaps for your users and search engines.  Creating sitemaps for your users & search engines is as simple as installing a plugin and creating it, that’s the beauty of wordpress

However, sitemaps that are created for search engines need to be submitted to different search engines. This ensures that your blog is recognized & indexed by search engines at a much faster pace.

This tutorial will help you how to submit your sitemap to Yahoo

Visit and enter your website details and click on “Add my Site”Yahoo Sitemap

You can use you existing Yahoo account to login, else create a new one

Yahoo Login

Once you are logged in, you have two options to verify your site

1) By uploading a verification file to your site

2) By Adding a meta tag to your home page

Verify Yahoo

The easier option is to upload a verification file to your site as you do not want to get messy with codes.

Click on the link and download the file. The next step would be to upload the file to the root of your site using a FTP client and then click on the tab “Ready to Authenticate”

yahoo verified

The green tick shows that your site is verified. To submit your sitemap, click on feeds and enter the path where your sitemap is stored on your blog, which is generally

submit sitemap

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