WordPress Plugins are generally distributed as zip format files. There are certain plugins which are created by authors and not added to WordPress plugin database, which is why you need to manually download them to your computer from the authors site and install them on your blog.

In my previous post we covered how to automatically install a plugin from your admin panel. This will be applicable for the plugins that are available on the WordPress plugin database

Read on below to find out how you can upload and install a plugin from your WordPress dashboard

Step 1 -> Download the plugin from the author’s site (generally in zip file format)

Step 2 -> From the WordPress Admin Panel click on Add New in Plugins

Add Plugin

Step 3 -> Instead of searching for the plugin like you would do in the case of an automatic upload, you need to upload the plugin zip file

upload zip 300x165

Step 4 -> Use the browse button to search for the file on your computer and then click on Install Now. The plugin will be installed and then you need to activate it as shown below

Activate Plugin

Do let us know your views on this tutorial and do feel free to get in touch with us in case of any help needed.