Sometime ago we discussed on how to make money online with Pay Per Download networks with one of the good PPD networks being Sharecash. A typical download would earn you around $0.40-$1.00 which would of course vary from the PPD network you sign up with and the kind of revenue your PPD network makes per survey.

Using the below method you would have to invest a minimum of $10 to start off, but it let’s you avoid the hard work as others end up doing the hard work for you.

So, Here’s how you go about it

1. Upload 3 files on Sharecash

2. Create a job on various websites like Download Exchange to download the files for a approximate wage of $0.3 per download. So it’s interesting to do the math,

It costs you $0.06 to offer a sharecash download and when anyone download your files you will be paid in the range of $0.40 – $1.oo per download. So on the negative side if users download your file for $0.40, you still end up making $.036 per download.

The minimum amount required to start off is $3, which means that you will have 50 people download your sharecash files initially. This means when 50 people download your file , you will end up making 50 x$0.40 = $20

Therefore, an investment of $3 brings you $20, which is actually not bad for a start. This is really without any effort from your part as you pay users to download the file by creating a job in Download Exchange.

You could also scale this technique up once you feel more confident about it.

Do Not Forget This Very Important Step

Now, there is a catch for this method – which means you need to be careful as there is a loophole in Sharecash which allows users to download files without you getting paid. When someone uses a premium account to download your ShareCash file you don’t earn anything. Make sure you get earnings for EVERY SINGLE download by removing the option to use a premium account, and instead making each user complete a survey!

So after uploading your files onto Sharecash, go to to create a tiny file link. This will ensure that even premium users will have to take the survey thus ensuring that you get paid for every download.

Note – You can pay & receive money through Paypal at Download Exchange

Do let me know your thoughts on using Download Exchange to Make Money Online using ShareCash