The most common way of installing a plugin is from your WordPress dashboard. This step by step guide  will show you how to install and upload a plugin via FTP

Step 1 -> Download plugin from authors site or the WordPress plugin database. This is generally in .zip format, and you need to unzip the plugin into a folder

Step 2 -> You will need to upload the plugin via FTP. For this you will need to have your FTP client installed

You can download FileZilla: Free FTP Client and learn how to configure it with your username and password given to by your web host

Step 3 -> Now you would have logged into to your website and you should see a directory listing as shown below. You should navigate to the directory where WordPress is installed, which is typically under www


Step 4 -> Now you should find three basic WordPress folders

a) wp-admin
b) wp-content
c) wp-includes

FTP Uploads

Step 5 -> Navigate to the folder wp-content where WordPress plugins are located

FTP Upload

Step 6 -> Now you can upload the extracted plugin folder with all files in the plugins folder.

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