This post is a very basic one and focusses on a very simple but crucial task for your wordpress blog. Plugins are important for a wordpress blog as they allow you to perform a certain set of tasks without getting messy with your codes. For a beginner, it might same a bit intimidating and we’re here to help you get over just that

There are 3 ways of Installing a wordpress plugin:

1) Automatically through your wordpress admin panel – Usually the Easiest and Most Convenient

2) Manual upload through your wordpress admin panel  – Medium Effort

3) Manual upload through FTP –  more complicated

Automatically Installing a plugin

This is the easiest method to install a plugin on your wordpress blog. You need to follow the below steps and you will be able to Add a new plugin easily to your blog

The below screen will be available on the left side of your wordpress admin panel. Generally it is shown after the Appearance tab. Click on the Add New tab as highlighted below

Add Plugin

On the Install Plugin screen you can then simply enter the name of the plugin into the search field and perform the search:

Install Plugins

The search results should then show the plugin. Clicking on install will automatically download and install the plugin onto your blog.


When finished you can then activate the plugin.

I’ll be covering the other two methods of uploading plugins in my future posts